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On love, aimlessness, and people-watching in Paris

The joie de vivre soaks into you the more you let it. I found myself today, for perhaps the first time in my life, wandering with no real idea of where my feet were taking me. I have lived for so long with the words, “move with a purpose” essentially tattooed across the backs of my eyelids that this careless degree of meandering was as foreign to me as the pursed-lipped French being euh’d all around me.

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In Defense of Loneliness

We’re currently living through the #solotraveller trend. People today, especially millennials, are choosing more and more frequently to make travel a priority no matter what. The issues and benefits of this phenomena are often spoken about on a socio-economic level but rarely do we speak about one personal consequence of this priority-making. People who make…

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